The end is the beginning is the end

No, not the Smashing Pumpkins song; just a catchy title.

It has been nearly two weeks since I handed in my Master’s dissertation. I have many feelings about this. It was certainly a relief and a proud accomplishment- duly celebrated. It was stressful, hard work, and long hours, but, whaddya know, I already miss it! I missed it the next day. It filled my life. I had a clear goal that gave me direction. I had a commitment, something I had to do everyday- which I scorned at the time yet mourn for now. And it was fascinating! As I was polishing the last bits of my paper, I was thinking how I can’t wait to continue the research. So many more questions to answer, and to ask! I want to be a feminist cyborg expert. While in the process of writing, I fled from the thought of doing a PhD anytime soon, or perhaps anytime at all, but now I’m giddy at the thought of more research. Finishing a project is really satisfying. It left me invigorated to keep going, inspired to do more research. It made me remember why I love this stuff- this stuff being academia.

You may be wondering what I was writing about, anyways. Well, my final title was: “Cyborg Politics: Gender and Posthuman Subjectivities.” Appropriately broad. I wove feminist cyborg theory and posthumanist theory with ideas about technology and the body– and read the differences in the representation of the cyborg in Robocop (1987) and Robocop (2014) in light of that. Technology has changed society and changed life; that is indisputable. The ways in which it has…some are obvious, like the fact that we can call someone across the world through a video feed at the drop of a hat, or have deaf ears replaced with implants to do the hearing for you, but some are subtle. Many are subtle, as the subtle ones are so easy to miss within the routine of everyday life. Some of these more subtle changes, I argued, are in how technology has changed the way we imagine our bodies and think about ourselves, our subjectivity. If you want to read more about this, I highly recommend Anne Balsamo’s “Technologies of the Gendered Body: Reading Cyborg Women” for starters. If you want more, you’ll have to read my paper 😉 and/or check out my works cited list to sate your curiousity.

It has been incredibly pleasant to have a break, despite my pining for further research. I’ll post again soon about the genialities I have borne since my finishing.

Best wishes to all!

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