Filling In: The last weeks of my dissertation and Open Houses London

Ok, ok, I’ll take a break from working on my dissertation and update my forsaken blog.

Lately, I’ve mostly been going to the library, rummaging notes, editing, and trying to think up ways to motivate me to focus instead of reading this awesome webcomic I recently got into (and have since have nearly finished…), Questionable Content. I recommend it for everyone, though it probably most appeals to people like me, especially around my age.

But Open House is an event that happens in London just once a year. I missed it last year because I was busy settling in, and I couldn’t forgive myself for using the ‘busy’ excuse two years in a row- YOLO- so I had to go. Open House is a free event to showcase London’s architecture and get people to explore buildings they might not be able to otherwise explore. I was going to meet up with a friend to see the skyscrapers, but the queues were terrible (no surprise, London) so we skipped. Maybe next year I will plan to queue early.
Dilan and I first went to 20 Triton St, Regent’s Place Estate where we saw giant art installations and got a tour of Lend Lease HQ. Lend Lease is a BEAUTIFUL office. I want to work there just so I can be there. Part of the company’s purpose is to fit buildings to achieve a high level of occupational health, so of course the office reflected this. They use their office to experiment with space as well. They had a stand-up meeting room (great to stretch your legs instead of sitting down all day!), multiple meeting spaces with nice comfy couches, and many flexible spaces with a variety of seating and tables. I loved that the whole place was full of plants! Yes, green is good. They have a rooftop terrace where employees can grow veg and bugs can find a home in their bug wall.
And they gave us free tea, cookies, and fruit. We have to like them.
Next we ventured down towards Covent Garden to see the Freemason’s Hall, a meeting place for the Masonic lodges in London. SAM_2261
I always thought the Freemason’s were a creepy, sexist, cult, and after my visit, I’m not wholly convinced otherwise. Sure, they masquerade as a normal, Christian-symbolism-loving group where men can go to “build character” and “forge ever-lasting friendships.” But how they do this remained obscured. I picked up a pamphlet on “What is Freemasonry, anyways?” and learned basically the vague things I have already mentioned. There were a lot of adjectives, but not many verbs; we’re not sure exactly what they *do*. Whatever they do, they’re quite well funded. The building was pretty. Here’s a peak of the ceilings:



Oh wait, I did learn one thing they do! Drink! I think it’s an old white boys club where they get drunk, “learn bravery,” and have orgies, I mean, “forge ever-lasting friendships.” Why else would they be so secretive if not somewhat ashamed of what they do? This is their giant rum-punch bowl:

This weekend there was a French Market along the high street by my home. What a lovely surprise! I love that with London you can expect random, international pop-ups. I got cheeeeeeese- the smoothest Brie I’ve ever had, Munster, and Blue-, pastries, and a crepe. Nom. Treats.

Nutella nmmmmm

Nutella nmmmmm

Now wish me luck as I forge through the fires of finalising my fffffdissertation! It is due this Friday. WAH!

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