London Craft Beer Festival

Last weekend, Maria and I took a day off from dissertation work to indulge in the wonders of British craft beer!  We volunteered and then attended the London Craft Beer Festival on Friday.

2014-08-15 11.49.51

Glasses set up to hand out to the beer-comers!

2014-08-15 11.50.04

I helped people put on those pesky wristbands and directed them to retrieve their glasses so they didn’t wander to the libations without a chalice.  We were able to take a break for half off food. I got absolutely delicious steak and chips with a lovely aioli, which I believe was from the Ginger Pig. We also got to run up for samples when the entering masses thinned.  I thought the time passed quickly, chatting with fellow volunteers, watching tipsy people meander out more talkatively than they wandered in, and before I knew it, it was time for our break.  We strolled along the canal, Regeant’s Canal, which runs from Paddington to Limehouse, and found our way to Victoria Park.  It’s a big park.  We saw some people wrapping up a party with two dogs, and one…pig? Is that a pig?

2014-08-15 17.54.08 2014-08-15 17.53.54


Nope.  Just a really fat chihuahua.

Then it was time again for beer!  For volunteering, we got into the £35 festival for free 😀 The festival had about 24 brewers.  All great, many London-based.  We tried every brewery 😀  There was also a Flemish festival across the street that piggy-backed on London Craft Beer.

Me trying to take a selfie with the photo background of Flanders to win a trip!  Wish me luck.

Me trying to take a selfie with the photo background of Flanders to win a trip! Wish me luck.

There, we tried four delicious Belgian beers (mmm I love Belgian beers) and watched a cooking demonstration of a fancy take on steak and chips.  Aaand we got to try amazing steak and onion rings battered with Duvel batter, with a side of very nice honey mustard sauce.  Westmalle’s two trappist ales are still some of my favourite Belgian beers.  The main hall had a very fun band with like 8 people– I wish I remembered their name!  It was a fantastic time, with many great beers.  One of my favourite beers was from Partizan brewery– which I hope to visit in Bermondsey (South London) soon.  It was their Mango and Black Pepper Saison.  Saisonnnn.  We had an IPA from Green Flash that was really nice as well- yummy malty flavours.  After we had all the beer there was to be had, we again took to the streets and slipped our way home on the beguiling Night Buses.



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