Moving and Movie Stars (I saw them)

I have been super busy the last few weeks because I’ve been in transition between houses. I moved out of my student halls, hopped between friends’ and partner’s spare beds for a week, and then settled into my new abode- a flat in North London, in an area much quieter than central. 🙂 Still settling in, really, getting supplies, getting things set up. This was the third place Maria and I looked at, and after looking at two more, we decided our own pretty little 3-bedroom flat on the Northern Line of the tube was the best fit. It’s exciting, but a lot of work. First time organizing my own utilities, woo! We’re really happy to have our own place. We found a third roommate through Facebook, and she seems great so far–she moves in in a week. It’ll be neat having a new life around. I’m a bit ashamed to say I’m my father’s daughter: I put a simple DIY bookcase together and couldn’t properly get the screws in all the way. I guess I didn’t inherit his carpentry skills!

Shout out to those who put me up for my week without a home and all those who offered. Really good to know I’ve got good peoples here.

A couple weeks ago, Dilan, Maria, and I made it out to London Film and Comic Con in Earl’s Court (yes, another ComicCon. London’s full of ’em.). It was on a terribly blazing, stuffy day, and people were queuing around the ENTIRE building when we got there *and* still when we left. Naturally, as there was no way in hell we were waiting in that queue, we slipped in the front doors instead. Score one for us. This con was quite different from the previous ones because there were tons of film and TV stars there. Many actors from Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Doctor Who, to name the main ones. I saw Hodor!!! Hodor. and Bran, and Cersei, and Pod. The men in the R2D2 and Darth Vader suits were there. So many cool actors. We really just stared at them and geeked out. The one I’m sad I didn’t catch was Summer Glau.

Welp, I should get back to research. I’m feeling the pressure build for my dissertation. I now have 2 months left before it’s due, so really one month left to write a draft. Eek! Cue stress, procrastination, and late nights full of tea. Wish me luck.

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