Looking for a new home

This past week, aside from getting into gear with researching books for my dissertation, I’ve focused a lot of my time searching for new accommodation.  My contract for my studio in the student halls runs out 12 July at 10am.  We had the option to extend our contract, but it’s too expensive!  I need to move somewhere cheaper to stay within my budget.  It has been incredibly convenient, comfortable, and nice living in Central London.  I’ve been a 10 minute walk from classes, the student bar, the library, and work at the other library.  Soon I will have to do as most Londoners do, and use public transport all the time.   I’ll likely buy a monthly Travelcard, which will give me unlimited travel on bus, train, and tube within London (within the zones for which I buy it) at anytime.  That way, I won’t feel constrained.  If you travel most days of the week, a Travelcard is really worth it.  Right now, because I walk 90% of the places I go, paying for transport seems expensive, an extra cost.  Once I need it to go most anywhere, it will feel like a necessary expense.  I look forward to that.

This is my first time looking for my own place.  Thus far in my life my housing has been organised through academic institutions or family.  Now, I get to do an adult thing and find it on my own!  It’s a bit stressful because of security worries, the fact that it’s a big expense, and where I live for the next six months will have a big impact on my daily life.  But, I like seeing new areas of London and learning the process of finding housing.  I look forward to living in a new area to get to know it and have access to different places than I’ve had.  Change is scary, but I like it.  It’s exciting.  So far, Maria and I have visited one flat and one house that I found through EasyRoommate and SpareRoom, respectively.  Our first visit was wholly unimpressive.  It was not terrible, but there was no living room and not even a kitchen table.  Nowhere to eat!  In a house with friends, you need a table to meet at.  The house we saw today, if all the renovations are made that the landlord presented, is quite promising.  I just hope the room I like doesn’t get nicked before we decide!

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