Sweets and Mind Treats

Someone got spoiled with American treats :P….
Yes, it’s meeee!  Whoppers are so much better than Maltesers- their UK wannabe.  They’ve got denser and more malty filling and less oddly sweet chocolate.  You see I couldn’t wait for that Tootsie Roll to pose for the picture…I snacked on it in class :S
Last night was my first summer class.  This class is essentially a dissertation workshop.  Quite nice to have a led workshop for guidance.  Although, I’m afraid, workshops are never as helpful as I want them to be.  I find I usually leave with a new nugget of knowledge or two, but very little for the hour to 2 hours I spend in them.  Especially with something like a dissertation, workshops are most helpful if you’re prepared, if you’ve got material to work with.  Being the needless procrastinator I am, and having my second essay due next Wednesday, my dissertation has not been touched.  Once I’m free to research for it, believe me, I’ll dive in.  I can’t wait.  My topic is THE COOLEST.  In class, the lecturer kept emphasizing, “Make sure you pick something you’re genuinely interested in and really want to research.”  I beamed every time she said that, my head exploding with excitement for my topic.  What is this mind-exploding topic?  Ok I’ll tell you.  Here’s the vague idea:  Post-humanism. Cyborgs. and Gendered Subjectivities.  I know it sounds awesome.  Post-humanism is a wacky new field of theory that challenges the idea of *human.*  It pushes boundaries and gives a whole new perspective.  I wanted something new and different, something that would challenge my thinking.  Thus, Post-humanism arose.
Back to the point of my procrastination… Ehhh we can talk about that later.

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