Update: The Best Ribs Ever, Chocolate, A Foreign Film, and A Ghost Tour

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I can never remember what I’ve done.  Let’s see…

Dilan and I went to Duke’s Brew and Que  which was so delicious and reminded me of home.  A good barbecue is very American to me, and a restaurant with country vibes and delicious ribs always reminds of family dinners out.  I got probably the most amazing pork ribs I’ve ever had.  They melted in my mouth and were full of flavour nmmmmmm.  Duke’s also sports a wide selection of brews from the London brewery Beavertown, as its original brewpub. I started out with a Mikkeller Single Hop Amarillo IPA.  Delicious!  The man behind Mikkeller has a twin brother who runs a phantom brewery in Brooklyn, NY funnily called Evil Twin.  As per the suggested beer pairing for my meal, I seconded with Beavertown’s 8-Ball Rye IPA.  Also a nice choice, but definitely more bitter than the Mikkeller.  After dinner we wandered into an awesome playground called “Snake Town.”  Lots of fun jumping around on that.  Then we walked home all along the Reagent’s Canal, petting houseboat kitties and spying into the canal-side bars.  We popped up around from the canal walk in Angel Islington and decided to walk the last stretch home.

The day following, I went to the Chocolate Festival with Suri.  It was delicious.  We bought the middle grade “Taster” ticket and it was very worth our money.  As soon as we got there, we sat down for our one hour guided tasting session of about 14 Italian Chocolate.  We had no idea what sort of tasting session this was going to be because of the Festival’s very much lack of informative advertising.  Our luck was on when we booked our tickets, because the 1pm Italians chocolates was a very nice and tasty session.  We got to try gianduja- as Suri said, “what Nutella aspires to be and miserably falls short.”  Really, if you think Nutella is amazing, try a spoonful of the pure hazelnut glory of gianduja, and you will realize you’ve been fooled into low standards.  I’m sure it got Suri excited to go to Italy. I want to go just for their food.  Ok the architecture and history too I guess.  But yes, Chocolate– We also got to taste seven kinds of brownies on the “Brownie Trail,” endless free samples of chocolates, a free swig of Chocolate Bailey’s, and a free Prosecco.  Not bad.  We bought a handful of mini chocolate bars that were delightful (I polished them off in a swoop yesterday).  I remembered to capture a picture after they were gone, so here are some pretty little wrappers:


There’s a Rococo store within walking distance from me =D There will be more of these…

A very Chocolate day.  Some day, I want to go to a chocolate spa.  That sounds like Heaven.

The Tuesday before the Chocolate Festival was Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry’s.  I met up with some friends in Leicester Square to solicit free ice cream.  And that was the place to go.  There was not one but THREE places within the square to queue for ice cream.  So, we figured, might as well go to two of them and make the most of it!  I got S’mores and Baked Alaska.  Baked Alaska is UBER sweet– sweet vanilla with white chocolate (aka sugar) and marshmallow creme (aka MORE SUGAR).

That week I also worked on and submitted my first few applications for jobs in London.  I’m hoping to get a job working at a University in London.  I applied for a few Programme Administrator positions which would be ideal- organising, in charge, and I get to look at modules again! haha.  No word yet.

This week I watched Eyes Wide Open at a viewing night hosted by Birkbeck Pride.  It was good.  It’s about a orthodox Jewish man in Jerusalem who takes a man under his wing as his apprentice at his butcher shop, and falls in love with him.  This man is very devout to his faith, and has a family, so it shows the struggle he has with his own feelings and of trying to integrate such a life into an orthodox community.  The cinematography was spot on.  Much more show than tell, this is a minimalist film.  Certainly worth a watch.

I also went on a walking Ghost Tour in the City of London led by a friendly neighbor who likes to lead tours with his handy tour books.  We began and ended at Blackfriar’s.  I can’t say too many times how much I love walking in London and how great it is to walk in.  Even people who have lived here there whole life comment that they find new nooks and crannies all the time.  The City especially- it very much keeps the tiny alley, winding streets feel from Medieval London.  And sometimes, in the City, you get that run up against the biggest, most modern and officey buildings.  It is a contrast to experience.


Blackfriars Pub. The image of the Blackfriar in his Domican Robe is perched on the crest of this wayward looking building.


The alley where Sweeney Todd roamed…


Lovely old pub filled with dark woodwork and Samuel Smith’s beer.


Other than that, it’s essay time!  I’ve got two essays due over the next three weeks, and my summer class starting, so I’ve really got to crack down and get this research done.  Then, I can start on my dissertation!  I am really looking forward to that =D

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