I just…I… (news on my favourite band!)

I’M SO HAPPY!  I came across this article and literally had to take a deep breath and read the second sentence again.  It is true: Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriquez-Lopez are together again.  I cried when I read an article about the break-up of their band, The Mars Volta, and I teared up when I read that these two crazies are hitchin’ up once more.  (so very different tears).  To put the cherry on top, the other two band members of their new band Antemasque have previously worked with The Mars Volta so you know they’re good and you know they got spirit (one many readers may recognize: Red Hot Chili Pepper’s bassist and rascal in Back to the Future II and III, Flea).  I may never get to see The Mars Volta live, but I might get a chance to see Antemasque AND I DON’T CARE IF I STARVE I WILL TAKE IT.

Listen to their FIRST single…

and if you like it you can buy it on iTunes.

They’ve put up a handful of videos to the internet of their music-making process which any fan will appreciate.  I like watching them in their natural element…the Wild Cedric jokes in a sassy accent as the crouching Omar slithers the tracks together…

I know most readers won’t give a damn about this music, but The Mars Volta is my favourite band, so, as an obliging citizen of the world, I felt I had to share their endeavors and my overexcitement!!

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