End of term: Party, party, lecture, conference!

My spring term ended last week.  To celebrate, I attended two bar/pub crawls: The first, with the new club run by a few of my friends, the International Students Society, and the second with course and class mates, touring gay bars in Soho. I managed to get in bed before 3am both nights, which is, believe it or not, a relative accomplishment.  I usually manage this, but it is still nice to point out and pat myself on the back. 
On Tuesday, my halls hosted a formal part ON A BOAT.  We floated down the river Thames, past Greenwich and back.  It was lovely.  A bit cold…but dancing, shawls, wine, and friends allayed the chill.  


Sailing under Tower Bridge.


See the life-saving ring? Definitely a boat!

The DJ could have been better (didn’t play my request for Queen *AHEM*) but was good for a random student working the table.  Overall, it was a very nice time and my thanks go to the IH staff for putting it on.  

Wednesday, I attended a workshop on careers in research and academia (my field :D) put on by Birkbeck.  I feel more confident about continuing into the field now.  I know the course I am expected to take, what skills I need, and other options available to me if I decide to change paths.  Right now I am really happy with my decision to work in academic research.  I feel capable and confident, despite having a lot of hard work and a long path ahead of me.  Things to look forward to 🙂

Today I waltzed over to King’s College to sit in on a seminar entitled “‘Wilding’ in the West Village: Queer Space, Racism, and the Hagiography of Jane Jacobs” given by Professor Johan Andersson. Really fascinating stuff.  I never would have thought I could be so interested in geography before coming to Birkbeck… just takes some sexualizing and gendering to get me interested.  Human geography, anyways.  This is the New York City West Village he discussed- where the Stonewall Riots took place, which he pointed have been useful in gay rights discourse but were also kind of co-opted by the mainstream gay movement, because the individuals fighting back in the riots were largely trans* people and ethnic minorities.  Andersson discussed actions taken by organizations in the town, made up of largely rich, white, gay residents, in reaction to queer youth, mostly African American and Latino lesbians, hanging out by the Piers on Christopher St.  I don’t have the motivation to do his research justice, but have a look at his work! 

Tomorrow and Saturday I plan to attend a conference at Birkbeck on Migration Law.  I will report back on the level of interesting it turns out to be…

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