Who’s a Killer Queen?



Tonight I got to see my first show in London since getting here!  I got to see the musical based on the music of Queen, We Will Rock You, for free.  OH YEAH.  Thanks to Irina for the ticket, and to her relative for backing out on the trip!  My takeaway:  No one can sing like Freddie Mercury, Freddie was a true queen, and Queen was a fucking amazing band that changed many lives and the history of music for the better.  There was a photography exhibit on Freddie Mercury in the lobby.  The Killer Queen: born Farrokh Bulsara on 5 Sept 1946.  Died 24 Nov 1991 of complications due to AIDS.  (Why wasn’t there a collection jar for the Terrance Higgins Trust, the National AIDS Trust, or at least, for frick’s sake, the Mercury Phoenix Trust, a charity founded by members of Queen in remembrance of Freddie????)

2014-03-18 19.25.55 The songs they included in the show were: Innuendo, Headlong, Radio Gaga, Don’t Stop Me Now, Killer Queen, Under Pressure, Seven Seas of Rhye, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Fat Bottomed Girls, Another One Bites the Dust, Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions, Somebody to Love, I Want to Break Free, a splash of Tie Your Mother Down, a reference to Bicycle Race, and I’m sure a bunch more I didn’t recognize and didn’t know were Queen. –>Yep. I just looked it up here — Some of the songs were only sung for an intro or a verse, leaving more to be desired, but they had to get on with the show.  The beginning of the show I found quite cheesy.  Curtains draw and Star Wars text reels large on the screen.  It’s set in a cybernetic dystopian future where individual thought is squashed and “real music” does not exist.  Of course there are two young people, a girl and a boy, who escape the thought police and go on a crusade to find the last instrument in the universe (and become PRINCES OF THE UNIVERRSE).  The ruler of the universe, who runs the company GlobalSoft, is the Killer Queen, supposedly.  I found it ironic that the great woman trying to banish rock music was dressed like she stepped out of an 80s hair band- huge, long hair, a long cloak of leopard fur, and glitzy, bright make-up.  Her subsequent outfits also cited subcultures.  One was full leather- long leather cloak, studded corset, and tall black heeled boots: hello dominatrix.  And she had another leather outfit that was reminiscent of the outfits worn by the punk bohemians in the story.  Are we supposed to think she’s suppressing what she truly loves, or could the designers not think of anything more awesome for her to wear?  Why not a space-martian-queen thing, to match her comrades?  Maybe they should have looked to Freddie for suggestions…that man had Style.  Oh how I wish I could go back in time and see Queen in concert.  I now have an answer for what I would do if I had a time machine…  I appreciated the overall message of the importance of rock music, live music, music where people actually play their instruments and have talent and creativity, to human happiness and the disdain for, as they aptly put it, CRAP: Computer Recorded Auto-tuned Pop.

I leave you with musical wonder…

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