This past week was the celebration of Maslenitsa– the Russian pancake week!  It’s like US/UK Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday…the day before lent begins!  Tomorrow I will be celebrating US/UK pancake day, hopefully with many pancakes.  I want to be clear that I am celebrating for one reason only: pancakes are scrumptious.
As usual, there was a festival in Trafalgar square on Sunday culminating the Maslenitsa.  Unlike other festivals in Trafalgar Square,at this festival they only spoke Russian.  The square was filled with Russians in London, and the presenters and performers didn’t bother to translate for us English speakers.  I don’t mind- I like listening to Russian.  Sounds cool.  I got asked to take a picture in Russian.  At first I shook my head and said, “I don’t…” but then I realized he wanted a picture.  I have been told I look Russian/Eastern European before, so maybe it was an easy mistake to think I could understand.


Mmm More floating Yoda there was.

Mmm More floating Yoda there was.

I call this piece: Man standing in water.

I call this piece: Man standing in water.

I celebrated in my usual way: food and watching a couple performances (and getting cold feet from standing outside in cold, wet London for so long).  I got blini (pancakes with some sort of filling) and pelmini (like mini pierogi pockets of pork).  There was a Russian pop star that the crowd was very excited about.  He had boy band-style dancers that were very funny to watch, and the band- the people playing the instruments- were thoroughly ignored. It was all about the singer with the quiff:

Food stands

Food stands

As for things school related… I am working on my first source analysis ever!  Source analyses are common in the history department, but I have only take a couple college level history courses.  As I am in a history class now, Queer History of course, I get to do one!  I have chosen a text I found in the Hall-Carpenter Archives at LSE.  They’re the LGBTQ archives named for author Radclyffe Hall and writer and early gay activist Edward Carpenter.  I will be analysing a press release put out by the LGB rights group OutRage adverstising their direct-action protest on 5 September 1990 in Piccadilly Circus, London: A Kiss-In to protest the arrests of same-sex couples for showing affection in public.  Let me know if you were there 😉

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