Galentine’s Day

I’ve started watching Parks and Recreation.  For anyone unfamiliar, it stars Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, and others (if you’re not familiar with them, then please start using the internet).  It’s a really funny show about the dynamics in a parks and rec office in Pawnee, Indiana.  So here is a little wisdom from Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler’s character) around Valentine’s Day:

Yesterday, St. Valentine’s Day, started out rough but culminated in a fun evening at a cool venue with the best Valentines: my friends Maria, Irina, and Cara (and Kaci in spirit!).  We went to an afterparty at Proud Camden– a concert and club venue converted from old horse stables.  We got to see two live bands- some small British bands- and we all agreed the first one was best. Stealing Signs is their name. I would see them again!  I even like them better live than from their recorded youtube videos.

Then there was dancing and dj sets in the three areas of the venue, along with a “love” booth (full of sex toys to buy and free condoms), a “hate” booth to get sharpie tattoos, and very expensive drinks.  I got a baby demon on my forearm.
The whole place was covered in balloons!

Stables Archways

Maria, Irina, and I grabbed gold heart balloons and took them home (fighting wildly against the wind).  We fought off many envious onlookers, but they all made it back to our rooms, safe and sound.  Here is a picture Irina took of our reflection in the balloon:
This balloon’s name is Cutie Cute.  My balloon’s name is Bop.

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