Chinese New Year (Latecoming)

Um I can’t believe I forgot to mention this!
Chinese New Year was a couple weeks ago on 31 January and I celebrated it in a few different places.  Welcome to the Year of the Horse!  The main celebration in London- apparently the biggest outside of China!- took place on 2 February in Trafalgar Square, like many cultural celebrations.  Friday I attended the celebration and Lion Dance at Birkbeck with Maria and Irina.  We drank TsingTao (me no likey), had spicy peanut snacks, and practiced the character for “Blessing” in calligraphy.  The Lion dance was great to see!  Very entertaining.  Well done Imperial College…lion dance team?

I stole this picture from my friend.

I stole this picture from my friend.

Saturday I went out Joe’s Southern Kitchen (yes that’s American Southern) and Notting Hill Arts Club to celebrate Kaci’s birthday.  The Southern Kitchen was delicious.  I got ribs numnumnum.
Sunday I met up with Irina, Maria, and Irina’s roommate Sonam for the Trafalgar Square celebration.  On the way, Maria and I got stuck in a massively packed crowd behind the lion performance.


We stepped aside to get some bubble tea, and- what luck!- the lion came right to our door!  A worker had just hung lettuce up in the doorway.  No idea why.  We thought it was weird.  But the lion came to eat it!  It shredded up the lettuce and threw it around the doorway.  I guess it needed a healthy snack during it’s long walk.  That’s probably the explanation, right?

SAM_1726 SAM_1729

The performances in the square were good- dances, singing, instrument playing- but the food was a disappointment!  Diwali had many options of different kinds of Indian cuisine.  And was actually served and made by South Asian people.  Chinese New Year had two booths with the same options of crappy, processed lo mein served by white people.  They even let you put curry on your lo mein.  Only in London.


SAM_1734 SAM_1733

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