Ice Skating

Sunday I went ice skating at the Canary Wharf Ice Rink with Irina and Kaci. Maria- who figured skated when she was younger and who we’ve been waiting to see skate- was supposed to come but got sick 😦  It’s too bad because it’s the biggest rink we’ve been to and is in a very pretty location.  Standing on the ice, you see glassy greeny silver buildings surrounding you on all side.  It has a nice effect- like ice below you and ice on the walls.  My friend Irina’s blog has some nice pictures showcasing this. 
Kaci and Irina took some pictures which I’ll be stealing to share 😀


(Collage from Kaci’s blog here:


Am I falling, flying, or standing? 😉
I am precariously balancing for a half second in order to look impressive for the camera before I fall to two feet again 😛


Kaci and I.

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