Earth to Sara.

Hello Hello!
Yesterday, I turned in my last essay from last term.  Yippee!  It feels good to be free of essaymustfocusessay.  I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been very busy trying to focus on my essays.  I turned in one on 6 Jan for my Cultures of Human Rights course on the construction of sexuality in U.S. asylum cases.  It was informative reading about sexual orientation asylum case law.  I hope it was a good paper, but you know when you’re not sure whether you’re just blabbing your opinion or engaging in thoughtful analysis?  Well that’s was that paper.  My essay completed and turned in last night was for my Theorising Gender course.  It was on post-humanist bodies and masculinity in Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend, a pornographic anime film.  Not safe for work.  I rediscovered that I love analysing and writing about films.  I’m thinking about doing it more often…
I ended up shutting myself in my room the last few days before each paper was due, and working on them down to the last minute.  I’m going to be better about my coursework this term.  I’m going to start poking my nose in research this week so I can decide on topics early and get the ball rolling.  Procrastination has been my bedmate lately, but it’s not a great friend.  I’m going to ask them to move out.  Here is a fun and helpful post with a guideline on how to beat procrastination.  I like the illustrations.    

I haven’t been up to anything too exciting since Christmas.  Seen a few movies- always enjoyable.  WAIT NEW YEARS.  NEW YEARS WAS SO GREAT.  I went to see the fireworks with a couple friends. We did the London ordeal- and got a spot by the Thames, across from the London Eye, to watch them.  It was the best fireworks display I’ve ever seen.  It was ALSO the world’s first ever multi-sensory fireworks display (yeah, I was there for that).  When certain colors were set off, matching scents were released into the atmosphere.  I’m not sure how.  There were apparently 6 scents, but I only got a whiff of the strawberry and blackcurrant.  The strawberry smelt like delicious cotton candy.  The black currant smelt funky and fake.  
Getting to our spot was…part of the fun.  A few blocks from the river was blocked off and monitored by guards.  Cara, Irina, and I had planned to meet at a cozy little pub called The Ship and Shovel for a few drinks before tucking into the crowd.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to get to it.  The passageway to get to it was blocked off.  Sucks for the pub- they could have done great business.  We wandered into another pub nearby and got lucky- probably the cheapest and least crowded pub, but still with good beer, near the river that night.  Then we made our way into the crowd.  We moved forward with the push of the crowd for about half an hour before staking a place out by a fence so we had something to lean on.  
It was 9pm.  We had three hours to go.  The DJ was playing fun tunes all night, so we chatted and danced and people watched, and the time passed quite quickly.  We again got lucky in our choice of spot.  You see, nearing 10pm, police started to line up a few feet behind us.  They eventually locked arms and stopped letting people through- they even shoved the crowd with impressive crowd-shoving skills.  We had plenty of space and were entertained by the less fortunate souls trying to negotiate their way through.


And the beautiful fireworks:

I’ve seen Gravity, Frozen, and 47 Ronin.  Frozen was my favourite of the three, and the only one I’d be interested in seeing again.  I love Alfonso Cuaron’s films, and Gravity was definitely beautiful and took super-talent to direct and produce, but it didn’t quite do it for me.  I wanted to have an existential crisis about morality and the deep loneliness of space, but I didn’t even get a tug in the pit of my stomach.  Frozen, on the other hand, could have been a lot more beautiful with all the ice.  
“Ice?!  As in igloos and Eskimos and penguins and ICE?”  

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