Winter Wonderland!

Yesterday I went to Winter Wonderland and I’m going to blog about it because it was so much fun.  Winter Wonderland is a must do on everybody’s Holiday checklist in London.  It’s a Christmas Market + Fair with Ice Skating and Ice Kingdoms to boot. My friend Cara and I went on two fantastic rides and went ice skating.  The first ride twisted us every which way, and took us up in the air to give us a view of all of Hyde Park- upside down.  The second ride was like the little roller coasters that go around in a circle, but the seats were separate pods for two.  It went a nice medium speed at first…then super fast!  The pods swung out higher than 90˚ when it was going superfast.  It was so fun.  We were laughing basically the whole time.  Ice skating was really nice.  There were beautiful lights strung over the whole outdoor rink, and a lady playing acoustic covers in the middle.  At first I was shaky, definitely feeling awkward on the ice since I haven’t been on it in years, but I warmed up and was soon whizzing around the rink as fast as I could without slipping or running into someone.  I used to go ice skating a lot in middle school/early high school at the indoor rink not too far from my house.  Cara doesn’t have as much experience as me, but she eventually went around the whole rink without the wall.  I held her hand for a while for support.  I saw tons of people fall, but it was never one of us! Unfortunately they don’t allow cameras or phones on the rink, and we (part of the few it seemed) actually obeyed their rules.  Here are a few shots of the beautiful, frenzied Winter Wonderland.
SAM_1678 SAM_1679 SAM_1681

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