It’s Christmas time!  Postcards doubling as Holiday cards: Sent.  Gifts: Sent/bought.  Advent Calendar: Nearly eaten.  Christmas music: Playing.
One of my advent chocolates, I thought, resembled Darth Vader. How peculiar…*shifty eyes*
SAM_1667I wandered around Covent Garden and the Jubilee Market, but I still haven’t been to a proper Christmas market.


Rudolph in Covent Garden Market

Later this week I plan to fix that with a visit to Winter Wonderland- the biggest Christmas Market in London, equipped with a Circus and Ice Rink.

Some of the many Xmas decorations around London:

Angel wings of Islington.

Angel wings of Islington.

Tomorrow, on Christmas Eve, I’m getting a meal with a couple friends at a restaurant I’m *very* excited about.  It is full of belgian beer and frites, just like my beloved and oh so missed Cafe Bruges, the belgian restaurant a block from my apartment at Dickinson.  On Christmas Day, all public transportation is shut down. If you can’t afford a cab, you better get to Grandma’s the night before!  I’ll be walking over to Suri’s for Christmas dinner.  We will try to be English by popping Christmas Crackers and listening to the Queen’s Christmas Speech. Oh, and drinking ale and tea.

And I leave you with this:

For Charlie Brown is an important part of all AutumnyWinter Holidays in my life, and Linus and Lucy will always feel like Christmas.

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