Articles and other clips that resonated with me lately, in case you’re interested.

A couple articles I’ve really agreed with lately:

This one on the sexism of writing off a woman as “crazy” just because you’re lazy and don’t want to reflect on what you may have done.  I have seen this time and again and experience it myself (yes, experience, present tense).  It’s written from the perspective of a guy who used to do just that.  It’s refreshing to see a guy complaining and taking accountability for sexism.  I think it also speaks to another aspect of sexism wherein men are taught to suppress their emotions, so to reflect on them, especially in conversation with friends, is nearly unimaginable.

This video clip of Aziz Ansari illustrating how texting has ruined dating, and I would add any messaging- online or phone- has the same effect.  (It’s so annoying).

This  one on generational teaching about body image, and unlearning negative perspectives.  This piece is written in the form of a letter from a daughter to her mother, so it was particularly touching for me.

This story + manifesto about challenging gender roles because they can be so inane and pointless when you think about it, and some things make us feel good regardless of

This one I just found hilarious, and it is meant to be.  It touches on an idea Jack Halberstam raised in her lecture “The Wild: Humans, Animals, Anarchy.”  In short, she thinks it’s weird, wrong, and creepy in all sorts of ways that people keep animals as pets.  For one, she argued that any intimacy people have with animals is forced and farce.  I don’t think that denies that animals can feel something and have attachments to people, but the way we imagine our relationships with our pets are not realistic.

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