Today was an amazing day. I am happy.

Woke up, and it’s beautiful out.  This past week in London the weather has been nice- not very cold or rainy.  It’s NOT COLD here.  It feels as if it just turned to autumn.  Like, it’s too hot for a scarf in addition to my winter coat sometimes.  I don’t like being cold, but now that I am without the freezing chill of winter, I miss it.  I want to have to bundle up in a sweater and hat and and be amazed that I am warm despite the bitter cold air against my face.  They say I will have to wait until February for this (Reasons I won’t live here forever).
I walked a nice 25 minute walk to the Vue Islington Cinema to see The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug with some friends.  I really enjoyed it.  It did change a few things from the book, as expected, but I thought some of the changes were good choices.  There was one change in particular I was very disappointed about, but I’m not going to spoil it.  I am not excited about waiting a whole year to see the third one, especially since this one ended right in the action!  I saw the film in 3D HFR (High Frame Rate) which looks like HD, which often makes things look realistic, like you’re on set rather than watching a movie.  I usually don’t like HD, but I thought it was interesting for this film.  Since it’s such a fantastical film –the costumes, scenery, dragons…dwarves…–  it still registered in my brain as a fictional scene.  The HFR made the fantasy dream world that much more real.
Afterwards, I hopped on the bus with Suri and Steph and headed to the venue Birthdays in Dalston to see TTNG!! 😀 😀 TTNG is a three-piece math rock band mostly from Oxford (previously known as This Town Needs Guns- an ironic name citing Oxford’s incredibly low crime rate), and have recently become one of my favourite bands.  On top of having awesome music, all three band members are cute.  That never hurts.  I am so happy I saw them!  They opened with one of my favourite songs: Cat Fantastic. Happy girl.

This concert went from 2:30-10pm, but we got there around 5 due to plans with The Hobbit.  We only missed the first two bands out of seven total, so didn’t really miss out.  Vasco de Gama was cool; I’m going to listen to them more.  They were fairly new to me.  Think Sublime and Arctic Monkeys meet math rock.  After their set, I enjoyed a half rack of delicious ribs upstairs, after probably two weeks without meat.  Then there was a mince pie eating contest before the loopy, pretty acoustic set by Victor Villarreal.  Of course, the pie-eating was entertaining. And everyone got a free mince pie. Americans: Mince pies are like a little pot pie but with jelly inside- or fruit and spices, depending on the quality of the pie- and are a quintessential British Christmas treat. I did not partake in the contest, though I nearly stepped up when the organizer expressed his disappointment in the lack of female representation. (I thought I would have another chance to, but alas I did not). Well, math rock…rock music in general…is dominated by men.  There was probably a 4:1 ratio of men to women at this show*, as well as the last math/post rock show I went to.  Sorryyyy.

*Generically speaking.  Even accounting for the genderqueer people probably about the room, I think this statistic would still hold.

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