Warm Colours that are Cool

I saw the film Blue is the Warmest Colour today.  I highly recommend it, but I warn you: It is sad.  You’d think it would be happy with a nice cozy title like “Blue is the Warmest Colour.”  It’s mostly awkward, difficult, passionate, happy at times, and sad.  A lot of the interactions felt realistic to me.  I would have liked more background information, but maybe that would have taken away from it.  Anyways you should see it!!  There are sex scenes, like honest sex scenes, so know that, too, if you’re considering it.
On Saturday I will see “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug.”  I learned from the previews that it’s pronounced “smowg” (“ow” said as in ow, my foot!).  I always said “smawg” (aw said as in “awwwww”) when I read it.  You know they don’t do midnight showings in London like they do in…probably all of the states?  There is no doubt Westview Cinemas, Frederick, MD, and even the Regal Cinemas in Carlisle, PA would have a midnight showing of a film like The Hobbit.  It’s the second in the series, but LOTR was huge, and The Hobbit has a huge fanbase– people want to see it and nerd out at midnight.  But London will not accommodate.  BORING.

Yesterday was my last day of term!! I can’t believe how quickly it went; so glad I’m not leaving yet!  Now I have 2 essays to write…hmm….  just want to do christmasy things…and keep going to cool lectures.  I saw Jack Halberstam speak Tuesday, and went to a workshop Wednesday with Jack called “Travels in and Around: Feminism-Anarchy-Queer.” Very interesting.  But this will be left for another post. Ta ta for now!

Oh wait! I got a job! And it’s awesome! And I get paid leave!  My first real adult job 😀  I’m a shelver in Senate House Library.  ❤ libraries.  It’s great.  I’m so happy to have income again (it came at the right time- it always does) and to be working a job I enjoy.  I honestly love organizing books.
It’s an incredible building.  I think I’ve written about it here before, but I’ll say again, because I really love it.
SAM_1414London provides the perfect backdrop (although not pictured here) of a gray, overcast sky for this building to look perfectly ominous as it towers over the university and row buildings around it.  The tower you see is 12 floors of book shelves.  Levels 8-12 as closed access.  Only library staff can enter to fetch requested books.  The floors were not built for people to walk on them all the time.  That is, this ominous tower is held up by the bookshelves.  The bookshelves are the infrastructure.  Ideas and knowledge are holding up of this symbol of power.  Pretty cool, right?

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