Hi!  I haven’t posted in a bit and won’t for a bit- hopefully this weekend- because I have the first paper of my graduate career due on Friday!  I am not taking this seriously enough.   I am comparing Joan Scott’s paradigmatic article “Gender: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis” and Judith Butler’s “The End of Sexual Difference?” (Chapter 9 in Undoing Gender).  

I wanted to share a couple quotes from the Butler piece that make me giggle.  They are condensed versions of the sentences they are from, but still true to what she said:

“The Vatican…fears queer theory” (184).  (Duh duh duh queer theory will take your soul!)
“Butches…love the feminine” (197).  (They love it.)*

*I apologize for belittling Butler’s ideas.  They deserve serious consideration (as I give them in my essay).  It makes me feel better about not fully understanding them.

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