Weekend Update: The Lord Mayor’s Show, Beer, and a Free Concert

Saturday I attended the Lord Mayor’s Show.  It’s basically a 5 hour parade (poor participants) then free walking tours, and finally, of course: fireworks!  They love fireworks here.  Tuesday was Guy Fawkes day, so of course there were fireworks all throughout the weekend leading up to it.  The Lord Mayor is the Mayor of the City of London, which is a 1 mile square radius area that compromises like 90% of the financial services of Greater London.  The Lord Mayor’s parade is to celebrate the appointment of a new Mayor and, moreso, a ceremony that culminates in the new Mayor swearing their loyalty to the Crown.  We watched it from Cannon St, nearby Mansion House- the residence of the Lord Mayor- for the last hour and a half.  There were so many cool uniforms, and a lot of floats that I just didn’t understand.

Browncoats away.

Browncoats away.

SAM_1510 SAM_1514

Dancing candles?

Dancing candles?

Men in cute boy costumes with oars, in the street?

Men in cute boy costumes with oars, in the street?

"Excuse me- Robot coming through."

“Excuse me- Robot coming through.”



Pig Attacking the City!

Pig Attacking the City!

The (Lady) Lord Mayor's coach, with her inside.

The (Lady) Lord Mayor’s coach, with her inside.


In other news, this beer is delicious:


So delicious I immediately want to make a special trip to the brewery.

I learned that the bottled version (original recipe) is different from the cask version.  Cask ales are really big here in the UK.  The “Campaign for ‘Real Ale'” basically says it’s cask ale or nothing.  Lagers are too “continental.”  It’s funny because we don’t have such a distinction in the US.  Ale, Lager- it’s all beer to us, and we brew it all.  We’re not prejudiced against lagers.  If a craft brewer brews a lager (e.g. Flying Dog’s Atlantic Lager) we’re not going to avoid it just because of it’s in the style of a lager.  I think the prejudice here is stupid.  I generally enjoy ales more, but lagers can be delicious, too!  Why rule them out?  Oh because they’re not *distinctively British*.  Damn national snobbery.  It is true that most American water beer (mass produced, artless, largely “light” beer) are lagers, but that doesn’t mean all lagers are shit.  Anywho, the cask version of Broadside had to be different because it’s 6.3% alcohol content was too high for a cask.  Can anyone tell me why?  Please comment.  This escapes me.  The fact that a cask ale requires lower alcohol content explains the low-as-shit percentage of IPAs I’ve had on cask here.

On Sunday evening I went to a free concert at The Old Blue Last.  I went to see the band I like called Enemies, a sweet post-rock band from Ireland.  The British bands Body Hound and Delta Sleep played first.  First up was the young group Body Hound, who were a lot of fun to watch- I really enjoyed them. Then Delta Sleep played, and they were pretty cool.  Definitely all a bit math/post-rocky, just the way I like it. I’ll definitely check out more Delta Sleep.  Enemies was fantastic- even more epic sounding live than on their album- and they played my favorite song, Indian Summer 😀

Not a good picture, but here's some Enemies.

Not a good picture, but here’s some Enemies.


Overall I thought the sound was really good, which surprised me since it was a tiny stage and room.  But, they have concerts there like everyday, so they’re pros.  The small venue made for a intimate atmosphere.  At the end of the concert, the bassist+singer of Enemies took a picture of the crowd.  I’m in it! but it’s too blurry to make me out.  They said they used to always take pictures of the crowd, but their last 10 days of touring the UK were a bit too sad to do so.  I think they should take them anyways, because the tiny crowds would be funny later and it would show appreciation for the people who did show up.  I’m so glad I went.  Oh, did I mention it was free?!!!???  What a deal!  Free concert and a fantastic show?  Yes, more please.  I bought something from Enemies because I felt like I had to support them with more than just my glorious enthusiasm at their show.  How do these bands make money?  Just merch?  Hopefully I’ll make it to another free show soon 🙂  If not, I’ve got the wonderful £7 TTNG show to look forward to in December.

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