Wise words that encompass the theme of my weekend:
Never to old to dress up; never too old for free candy.  #halloweenforeverandever
“In wine there is wisdom; in beer there is freedom; in water there is bacteria.” -Benjamin Franklin

Thursday night I went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Prince Charles Cinema.  This cinema does a lot of cool film showings- like the upcoming Grease sing-a-long and the Cornetto trilogy quote-a-long to Hot Fuzz, World’s End, and Shaun of the Dead.  So, of course, RHPS was tons of fun.  One thing my friends and I noticed is that we are much louder in the States!  That goes in general, but at RHPS in the States (east coast anyways) the audience shouts much more, so much that it is usually hard to hear the film. We had a few of those fanatical gems in the audience who heckle the film constantly and know callbacks to EVERYTHING.  One sat right in front of my friends and I.  I was still finding rice fall out of my clothes a few days later.  (Audience members throw rice on everyone during the wedding scene in the beginning. And you get toast thrown at you during the dinner toast.)

Friends being awesome at RHPS

My fantabulous Dr. Frank-n-furter tattoo.

My fantabulous Dr. Frank-n-furter tattoo.

Friday night I went out as Leeloo, the Fifth Element. I won the costume contest at my uni’s bar. Handmade costume: £4, for hair chalk, rags, and body tape.  Fifth of Absolut Vodka for winning the contest: usually like £35-40.  Oh yeah.  I was proud of my costume. But then later that night I had a shitty city experience: We were at the Halloween party hosted by my Hall, and I had stashed the vodka bottle under our jackets.  Came back later to find my friend’s jacket and the vodka missing 😦  Ne’er to be returned.

Leeloo and my friend R2D2.

Leeloo and my friend R2D2.

Saturday I went on the Young Londoner’s Pub Crawl with 400 other people, mostly au pair’s and people on a language exchange.  We went to 5 clubs.  The crawl was free and we got free entry into everywhere.  It was really well organized. Kudos to the people who organized it!

Selfie with 400 pubcrawlers
In other news, this woman lectured for my class last week and will this week as well. My life is awesome.

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