Quick Update

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! { ‘ } (<<Pumpkin.  See it?)

I got my computer back!!!!  Rejoice!  My keyboard and top case had to be replaced, and that was it!  And they had to keep the same keyboard, so I’m not left with a weird British one.  As much as I am getting used to them, I’d like to keep my home national keyboard.  I thought it would be much worse since my computer wouldn’t even turn on.  Of course it cost a pretty penny, but it’s much better than having to get a new (and British!?!) computer.  This past week and a half, I have seen clearly the conveniences a computer brings to my life through my lack of them.  Welcome back comforts.  And just in time for me to get ready to write my paper due in 3 weeks…

I wuv my Mac

I wuv my Mac

I am working part time at Listen, a professional fundraising company.  We run campaigns for a bunch of different charities, calling up people from their database and asking them for donations.  I’m currently calling for the British Heart Foundation.  Did you know that Coronary Heart Disease is the single biggest killer in the UK?  And that the BHF does almost all of the research on heart disease, not the government funded NHS (National Health Service)?  I’ve nearly convinced myself to sign up to donate to the BHF monthly.  If I had any extra money, I just might.  Actually, I think I would look into a charity that probably gets much less funding and is more in my area of interest and activism…one to do with sexual violence or sex work or something, like Heartly House or the Red Umbrella Project in the States.
It’s not a bad job.  The pays alright, I get to learn about charities, everyone there is friendly and it’s an encouraging environment.  I only wish I was better at getting Yeses, but that will come with practice!  I kind of like practicing my script reading skills and socializing skills as well.  I wish it was in walking distance, but hey, most people in London commute about an hour to get to their jobs.  My commute is 40 minutes tops.
I’m so much busier with a job!  But let me tell you I got it just in time.  My first paycheck is going 100% to my rent tomorrow.  Shew.

I’m going to do a separate post about my day 😀

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