Involuntary Sabbatical

Hello =)

The other evening I opened my trash only to find I was under siege by fruitflies!  I spent a good half hour jumping around my furniture trying to kill them all.  I usually like to let bugs live, but there wasn’t really any other way to get them out.  And oh how I wish them dead now…each and every one of them…>:[ Later that evening, I was relaxing at my desk with a half pint of delicious golden beer, and I saw it: another pesky fruitfly!  So my hands lunged forward to clap the devil to death.  I missed the fruitfly, but managed to knock over my glass, spilling my beer RIGHT ONTO MY LAPTOP!  It may be pre-emptive, but I am planning my laptop’s funeral.  It wouldn’t turn on and is now in the hospital with the best attention from the Mac doctors.  Thus I do not have a computer for at least a week, and after that we’ll see, so I won’t be posting as much as I’d like over the next week.

Til the fate of my mac is determined…

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