Americans have infiltrated London

I keep finding them!! I’m not complaining, really.  It’s nice to encounter other Americans*.  Something about knowing we grew up in the same national context, or at least with the same national history, creates a sense of connection… It’s kind of odd when you think about it and quite generalizing and assumptive, but it is comforting.  Both of my lecturers today were American.  In Theorising Gender (more here), we have a main lecturer who structures the course and is our contact point, but we have a specialist come in each week to lecture on a different topic which they actually specialize in.  Today, we discussed how space plays a role in constructing gender and sexuality and vice versa, with a case study on prostitution.  The lecturer was definitely North American.  I assume she’s American, but she could be from Canada, you never know.  Doesn’t have a Canadian accent, but still could be.  Then I went to Cultures of Human Rights for the first time (again, more here) and my professor is a friendly American.  He used to practice law in the U.S.  I know at Dickinson we had one, maybe two, British professors, but the converse seems more common here.  Maybe it’s just cuz I’m in a city, where ALL THE PEOPLE go and mingle?

-In Theorising Gender, there are at least two other Americans (one of which lives in my hall!) but I suspect two more.
-I went on a tour of Senate House Library- which has a cool story to it I’ll tell in a different post- and my tour guide, a SHL worker, definitely sounded North American, but like she’d like in the UK for some years.
-During International Students’ Orientation in my second week here, I found myself talking to all the other Americans.  These women have become my main group of friends here- Americans and one Russian, and one Ameri-Ecuadorian.
-At the school clubs I’ve been to, I hear them, I find myself sitting next to them… On the tube, American families herd their American children through… They’re everywhere.
I can’t get away from you, America.  But boy am I glad I’m not with you right now, without an operating government -_-

*I know American is a contested and potentially problematic term.  America is two whole continents.  Why does the U.S.A. get to claim “America?”  But I really don’t know what other word to use.  United States…ian? I am using it here only to refer to the U.S.A.

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