First days moving into Halls in Central London

Today marks two weeks since my arrival in London.  Let me tell you about the beginnings…

           I checked things off for this trips pretty last minute, but one thing I thought I had worked out was what to expect in my room when I arrived: I had booked a single studio, which I was told came with a single bed, a bedding pack, and nothing else, save furniture.  When I finally moved in two weeks ago Tuesday, after a long, sleepy day walking around Bloomsbury and acquiring a few basics, I found a surprisingly big bed surprisingly devoid of bedding.  Come to figure, I got put in a double* (yes!) with a double bed (that’s a full in American terms) but am still paying for just a single, but my room does not come with bedding (damn!).  At this point in the day, I just wanted to free my clothes from my the suffocation of my suitcases and take a nap.  So, on a big bed without a thread of cotton upon it, I laid down with my airplane blanket for a quick, oh, three hour nap.  Of course, when I awoke it was almost too late to go buy bedding- not to mention I hadn’t a clue where to find it.  After asking the internet, I rushed through the tube to Oxford St. in a valiant attempt to get to the department stores before they closed at 9pm. I find the doors to Selfridges at 6 minutes to 9, with a guard posted in front of them.  They closed at 8pm -_-  Lesson learned repeatedly over the next few days: Do not trust opening hours listed on the internet for stores in London.
          I get back to my room and defeatedly set up for bed as well as I can.  Let me point out, my first day was the coldest and rainiest day I’ve had in London yet.  Dreadful.  And the heat in my room doesn’t turn on until 1 Oct (today! yay!).  Needless to say, my room was freakin’ cold.  Armed with flannel pajamas and wool socks, I scoured my room for sources of warmth for the night.  For pillows, I used a pile of sweaters and my neck pillow.  For blankets…well…I had my measly airplane blanket, a bath towel, a sweatshirt over my feet, and a sweater worn backwards on my arms.  I woke up cold once and got a scarf to spread over myself.  Slept ok after that.  Next day, first things first: I bought some sheets, pillows, and a pretty duvet cover (still no duvet though…).  The next few nights, I ran the oven (which is an oven masquerading as a microwave) just for heat. Oh what an adventure. 

Here’s a picture of my bed now, duvet and all! 😀 

I mentioned how I thought my room only came with bedding… Actually, it came with a kettle!  Because tea is a necessity in England.  Speaking of which, I’ve really got to find a tea shop…

*Shhh do not speak of this to anyone.  Apparently it’s a computer glitch- the room I’m in is listed as a single in the computer.  Let’s leave this be so people can be just as fortunate in the future.

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